Summer in Gammelbyn

You can rent canoes and equipment at the reception. We have lifejackets for both adults and children. Our home lake Rattsjön is surrounded by deep forests. Enjoy a relaxed day of paddling, swimming, fishing and taking a break in a wind shelter.

A small path leads down from the holiday village to Lake Rattsjön. A hiking track on the eastern shore is connected to a variety of marked hiking paths through the nature reserve Hovfjället. You can purchase hiking maps at the reception. The small and winding paths are often accompanied by creeks and romantic forest lakes and are a pleasure for everyone who enjoys being in the nature.

On the sparely trafficked forest- and gravel roads biking and mountain biking means a lot of fun! Take your own bike or rent one on the spot. Remote lakes, flee markets at the country side, lovely small museums with cafés and picturesque villages are worth a visit.

At the reception the local fishing license can be bought. The fishing district is very large and extends from Lake Öjesjön in the north to Lake Övre Fryken in the south. In the numerous forest lakes and pawns you catch mainly northern pike and perciformes. In the small streams chances for catching trout are quite big. You can rent a fishing boat or a canoe and start your trip on our home lake Rattsjön.

Collecting berries and mushrooms
In the surrounding forests plenty of mushrooms such as chanterelle, king bolete and birch bolete can be found. You can pick blueberries and lingonberries almost all summer long.

Timber raft
Build a timber raft and drift away! On the river Klarälven you can experience this adventure. We help you with the booking of one or several day trips.

Old farms of finish immigrants, folk- and outdoor museums are some of the interesting sights in northern Värmland. For a day trip the mansion Mårbacka is worth a visit. Nobel price winner Selma Lagerlöf (“The wonderful adventures of Nils”) grew up on this mansion near Sunne.

Two special nature reserves (“Natura 2000”) in Gammelbyns surrounding protect the natural habitat of wild animals and plants. It is most likely that you will find traces of beavers and mooses and probably even meet the animals in the wild.
Our staff provides more information and tips.