The surrounding

Gammelbyn is located in the north of the Swedish province Värmland in the parish of Torsby. The Swedish-Norwegian boarder is only 30 km away. The region is also known as “Finnskogen” which means Finnish forest. This is because of the Finnish immigrants that came to this region in the 16th and 17th century to work and live in the forest. In the local culture and folklore you can still see traces of these immigrants. A number of old mansions and farms of this time can be visited. The “Finnkulturcentrum” is worth a visit.

Northern Värmland is the top location for outdoor enthusiast, fishermen and nature´s friends. The wide and sparely populated forests are home to animals like moose, beaver, badger and capercaillie.

Two “Natura 2000” nature reserves are located in this region.

Gammelbyn lies in the middle of the forest on a southern slope. Lake Rattsjön, our “homelake” is only a 5 minutes walk away. Canoes and rowing boats, a bridge and the Finnish smoke sauna are located at the shore.

The closest possibility for grocery shopping is the small village store in Vitsand at 5 km distance. The small town Torsby, the seat of the parish, offers more shopping opportunities and other services.